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I empower people to break free from fear, trust their own voice, & confidently claim the life they deserve!

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How to Work With Me



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Through personalized coaching, we'll tackle fears, build confidence, and craft the career you deserve. Ready to make a bold move? Schedule a call to begin your transformation.




I partner with organizations to create tailored development programs that cultivate leadership and foster team synergy. 




For those that prefer self-guided exploration, my e-book The Ultimate Career Mindset Toolkit is your first step to overcoming doubt and embracing self-confidence. 


"There’s only one way to describe Raydiance: simply 'heaven-sent.'  I first reached out for guidance to pivot in my career. My job at the time was not the best for my mental health. Little did I know, 1-2 weeks into our sessions I would be let go and thrust into the job market during a season where layoffs were at an all-time high.


Ray not only extended grace and compassion, but her approach to coaching was holistic. Yes, her ultimate goal was to help me land my next role, but we also focused on the mental aspect of where I was in my life. From breathing sessions to self-reflection, Ray created a safe space for me to be vulnerable. We touched on so much including how to use my intuition to know I’ve found the "right" job.


As one can imagine, being let go is a blow to one’s spirits, but she reminded me that I was valuable and had so much to offer. Ray did a deep dive into my resume and we went over the jobs I applied to and she gave insight on jobs I should apply for. Within 4 weeks of being let go, I landed multiple job offers!"

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